1st Communion: starts Aug 19th


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It goes by several names: Holy Communion, the Eucharist (which literally means "thanksgiving"), the Lord’s Supper, the Mass. But whatever its formal name, this is the family meal for Christians and serves as a reminder that God is with us. As such, all persons are welcome to receive the bread and wine at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

While we hope children will always feel welcome to receive communion we have found that around the age of 7 they become curious about the mysteries of the table and want to know more about church and spirituality.  In this 1st Communion curriculum children will have an opportunity to examine closely the furnishing and layout of the church, the sacristy, the baptismal font, the altar area. They will learn the names of the sacred vessels, the sacred furniture and the meanings and symbolism of these items.

We will also be introducing spirituality and prayer practices.  There is an emerging body of research that indicates mindfulness and spiritual practices can help children improve their abilities to pay attention, to calm down when they are upset and to make better decisions.  Children are uniquely suited to benefit from spiritual practices. Habits formed early in life will inform behaviors in adulthood.  In this chaotic world, it is more important than ever to give our children the opportunity and skills to be in the present moment and develop habits that can bring them peace, kindness, and acceptance. 

We welcome any children ages 7-9 to join us for our first communion class.  To register please go to……   No Church affiliation is required.  There is a fee of $30 to cover the materials we use for the class.

Class Details:

Place: Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 203 S. Kensington, La Grange IL

When: Sundays 11:15am - 12.15pm, August 19th, August 26th, September 9th, and September 16th

Cost: $30

The First Communion Service:  10am Sunday, September 23rd at Emmanuel Episcopal Church

No Church Affiliation Required but Curiosity is Encouraged!



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