The Kensington Arts Center

One of the most basic beliefs about God is that God creates. God creates the universe (or multiverse!) and its contents. God creates life, including us, through the processes we can observe in creation through the sciences. God creates beauty and wonder and even imagination. We believe God created us to be "co-creaters," to partner with God in more creative action. With God's help, we renew the world. In addition to acts of service, Emmanuel is committed to renewing the world with God through art and music. 

In recognition of this belief and in making it Emmanuel's mission to give it real world application, a partnership with the Kensington Arts Center has been formed.  The music program is under the direction of Emmanuel's organist and choirmaster, George Tarasuk.  It features concerts, music lessons and workshops.  The visual arts program  is under the direction of Rachel Weaver Rivera.  Her studio, the Creation Space, is located in Emmanuel's south building.  In the Creation Space, Rachel teaches children's art lessons and hosts art parties and workshops for children and adults.  Art and music lessons are non-denominational in focus and are open to the public.