Christian Formation

"Christian Formation" is a churchy term for something which is also known as Sunday School -- except it's not just for children! We believe that we all have room to grow in our faith. Here's what Emmanuel currently has planned...

Children through 5th Grade

Our new venture is called "Children's Church" and will be held on the first Sunday of the month during the 10am service. After the opening hymn, the children will be excused to go to the classroom with their teachers to do a project related to the Bible readings of the day. This is usually something arts-and-craftsy. The kids will come back in time to join their families for Communion. For those worshiping online, there is a Zoom link available for Children's Church.

Confirmation Class

We began a Confirmation Class for 7th and 8th graders just before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped us in our tracks. Stay tuned for further details on how and when we will be picking that back up.

First Communion

While we do not require children to attend a First Communion class in order to receive the bread and wine, we offer this class periodically in order to help them understand what happens during the service. It is designed for children around 1st Grade. We expect the next class to be in the Fall of 2022, but please let us know if you're interested!

Adult Formation

Our current adult formation series is a short introduction to the Episcopal Church. It's intended for those who might be new to our tradition, as well as those who might like a little refresher. No prior knowledge is assumed. It is held after the 10am service on Sunday morning (so approximately 11:15am). Please contact us for a Zoom link if you are unable to attend in-person. The schedule is as follows:

#Rules_of_Engagement – Forming a “Rule of Life” For our Online Selves

Facebook has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons – but is it really all bad? What are our responsibilities as individuals and Christians in the online world of social media? Join Rev. Kate for a six-week exploration of how we might align our digital activity with the Gospel’s call to be Christ’s presence in the world. This series begins Sunday, 10/17 – join us for one or all of the sessions, as you are able!

Note: This series will be based on the book #Rules_of_Engagement: 8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online by Ann M. Garrido. You don’t need to buy or read the book to follow along but you may enjoy going deeper with it. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about an upcoming author event with Garrido!

For 10/17: #Rules_of_Engagement – Determining Your Purpose

What are we doing on social media? WWJP - What would Jesus post? (And what even is social media, after all?) Today we will delve into these topics and more, drawing from Christian ethics and world history to work towards a personal purpose statement for online activity.

(Reading along? We’re covering the Introduction and Chapter 1 this week. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)

For 10/24 #Rules_of_Engagement – Fake News and Biases

How do we parse online stories for truth? And what is our responsibility as Christians to truth and truthfulness? Today we’ll talk about discerning the spirits online and in our own lives to uncover false narratives in the news and in our own lives.

(Reading along? We’re covering Chapters 2 and 3 this week. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)

For 10/31 #Rules_of_Engagement – Value the Person, Ignore the Trolls

This week we’re looking at the mechanics of online discourse. If you’ve ever found yourself regretting a comment or thinking “boy that conversation could have gone better…” this is the week for you. We’ll talk about respecting the imago Dei in everyone’s profile pic, and when to walk away and take a breath.

(Reading along? We’re covering Chapter 4 and part of the Epilogue this week. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)

For 11/7 #Rules_of_Engagement – Leading with Curiosity

Facebook says you have 743 “friends”… but what is a friend, anyway? This week we’ll explore relationships both on- and offline, with sources from Augustine to contemporary social scientists. Learn what questions work to provoke deeper dialogue and the #1 craziest thing you can do online.

(Reading along? We’re covering Chapters 5 and 7 this week, returning to Chapter 6 next week. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)

For 11/14 #Rules_of_Engagement – When Intent and Impact are only Distantly Related

You’ve probably written an email, a text, or a social media post at some point that was misinterpreted on the other end. This week we’re talking about all we lose in online communication (tone, gesture, etc.) and what we gain (… emoji’s?) as well as the place of humor in communication.

(Reading along? We’re covering Chapter 6. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)

For 11/21 #Rules_of_Engagement – Managing your Energy

As we close our series, we’ll talk about the concept of Sabbath and rest. You’ll learn practical tech tools for monitoring the time you spend online, as well as what the Bible has to say about putting your phone down.

(Reading along? We’re covering Chapter 8 and part of the Epilogue this week. Not reading along? No worries! Join us anyway!)