Christian Formation

"Christian Formation" is a churchy term for something which is also known as Sunday School -- except it's not just for children! We believe that we all have room to grow in our faith. Here's what Emmanuel currently has planned...

Children through 5th Grade

Our new venture is called "Children's Church" and will be held on the first Sunday of the month during the 10am service. After the opening hymn, the children will be excused to go to the classroom with their teachers to do a project related to the Bible readings of the day. This is usually something arts-and-craftsy. The kids will come back in time to join their families for Communion. For those worshiping online, there is a Zoom link available for Children's Church.

Confirmation Class

We began a Confirmation Class for 7th and 8th graders just before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped us in our tracks. Stay tuned for further details on how and when we will be picking that back up. The current course should be completed by Christmas 2022.

First Communion

While we do not require children to attend a First Communion class in order to receive the bread and wine, we offer this class periodically in order to help them understand what happens during the service. It is designed for children around 1st Grade. We expect the next class to be in the Fall of 2022, but please let us know if you're interested!

Adult Formation

No prior knowledge is assumed for any of our discussion topics. It is held after the 10am service on Sunday morning (so approximately 11:15am). Please contact us for a Zoom link if you are unable to attend in-person. 

Formation discussions will resume on Sunday, May 1st 11am with a new series. 

May Formation: Slaying Your Goliaths, topic ends on May 15th

Think you learned all there is to know about this story in Sunday School? Think again! Join us in Beaudway Hall or on Zoom to as the Rev. John Ohmer leads us (via video) through a contemporary interpretation of the ancient tale of David and Goliath, delivering timely and time-honored lessons on overcoming life "giant" challenges. 

Special Formation at 11am on 5/22 & Opportunity to Welcome a Refugee Family

Emmanuel will be working with Exodus World Service to collect a "Welcome to America Pack" for a family of refugees arriving in Chicago this summer. Exodus World Service is a refugee-serving organization that mobilizes the Christian community to welcome and befriend refugees. Exodus connects volunteers with practical service opportunities such as providing food and household items, as well as relational opportunities like tutoring, mentorship, and friendship. Because of unrest around the world, Chicago has experienced a historic number of refugees in the past few months, and we anticipate arrivals increasing. To learn more about how we can be a part of doing God's work in welcoming the stranger, join us on May 22nd at 11am on Zoom or in Beaudway Hall when a representative from Exodus will speak with us. We hope to see you there!

Ready to help us build our "Welcome to America Pack"? To see the list of needed items and sign up for what you'd like to donate, go to to fill out a simple form. Please note: some items need to be purchased AFTER we are matched with an arriving family!