Christian Formation for all

 Christian Formation. 

Our adult formation begins again this week, April 18th, after the service on Sunday. We will spend 3-4 weeks on the following questions: Did Jesus have to die? Why? What happened on the cross? What difference does it make for us? We will be using a video series by David Lose, the author of Making Sense of the Cross.

You're invited to join us in person or via Zoom.


EFM is Coming to Emmanuel!

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a Program out of Sewanee that invites us to learn and encounter the Bible, Church History & Theology.

While you only register for a year at a time, it takes four years to complete the program.

Year One: The Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament) 

Year Two: The New Testament  

Year Three: Church History

Year Four: Theology, Ethics, and Interfaith Encounter

Information and Registration Forms are in the back of the church

if you have any questions talk to Rev. David+