Update August 2019

Plans are well underway for another season of fund-raising concerts and other events for the Pipe Organ Restoration Project. Please consider attending an event to join in the fun or consider donating to help us with our campaign. In brief here are a few of our planned concerts

El Rando - Rock in the Sanctuary, Friday September 6th at 7.30pm

Grazyna Auguscik - Jazz in the Sanctuary, Friday September 27th at 7.30pm

The Phantom Carriage, Silent Movie featuring our Organ played by Jay Warren, Saturday, October 5th at 7.30pm

Pat Mallinger - Jazz in the Sanctuary, Thursday January 23rd at 7.30pm

Women of Note, Concert Festival, March 21st from noon - 9pm

Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral Choir Concert, April 19th & 20th, 2020.


The work is scheduled to begin next Spring after the Notre Dame Concert.


May 2019

Here is a you-tube video for our Organ, created by Jack O'Brien, an LT student, taken during one of our Rock in the Sanctuary evening fundraisers.  



Update June 2018

Our Capital Campaign is well under way for our Pipe Organ Restoration. So far we have raised almost $80,000 and need another $400,000. We appreciate any contributions; small or large. We welcome also any fund raising ideas, parties, events or other means of raising the money. We have recently embarked upon our 3 year Capital Campaign Drive and are looking for pledges to support the project.

Here are ways you can donate: 

We need you to help with our Pipe Organ Restoration Project

  • you can donate online here Donate Here
  • or you can send a check payable to Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 203 S. Kensington Avenue, La Grange, IL, 60525, specifying the Pipe Organ Project
  • or you can register with our campaign and pledge your support over 3 years, by requesting a Pledge Card through the office or available at the back of the church. Please tel 708 352 1275 for help or more information.
  • In addition, Next time you make a purchase through Amazon, please consider using Smile.amazon.com and link to our Pipe Organ Restoration Project, Friends of Casavant 3062 a registered charity. Our organ restoration project will receive .5% of the value of your purchase from Amazon – a tiny amount but every donation helps.


Update November 2017

Fundraising for our Casavant Opus 3062 is well under way. Friends of Casavant 3062, now a 501c3 charity, will promote and present fund-raising opportunities, through concerts, events and more. 

Check out the events page for our latest fundraising events and concerts (dont forget to scroll down for all events!)

and our facebook link   https://www.facebook.com/events/150598642265242/

You can donate here at any time, online, or mail in donations, made payable to Friends of Casavant 3062 and mailed to

203 S. Kensington Ave, La Grange, IL, 60525.

Please call the office on 708 352 1275 if you need any assistance or more information.


Remarks about our organ for the Friends of Casavant 3062 Organ

Organ Tuning report

"The reed stops in the organ are fast approaching the point of being untunable. Sure sorry that they can't be made more stable, but luckily the the restoration is getting closer"

Jeff Weiler, JL Weiler Inc, Pipe Organ Specialists, Feb 2019


“This beautiful old organ is like driving an old vintage car, with some functions inoperable, slow to respond, or simply ‘sound’ when not called upon, probably due to the deterioration of the pipes and/or openings. Some notes are ‘fuzzy’ and therefore do not blend with other notes. For example I rehearsed on a Tuesday and by Thursday some same notes were not playable. It will be delightful to play it once it is restored to its former glory.”

 LTHS Accompanist, 40 year Organist, Sherilyn Monkemeier, Dec 2017


Organ Restoration Project







Facts and Figures for our Casavant Organ Opus 3062

The History

The organ was installed in 1970 under the direction of Lawrence Phelps, the mid-century tonal designer who established the American Organ Reform movement. He personally designed our organ for the space to blend perfectly with the marvelous acoustics of our historic building.


The Organ’s Current Condition

Around 20% of the pipes and valves are no longer functioning.  This is due to a number of reasons including: Long periods of heat and Humidity, Lack of major maintenance through the years, and wear and tear. If we continue to do nothing, it will eventually be non-functioning.


The Restoration Plan

The work on the organ will happen over the summer of 2020, in the following stages:

Stage One: Swell and Pedal divisions, façade and console (organ will not be playable for a few months)

Stage Two: Great and Positiv divisions, Pedal Psaune 16’, & tonal work on site (organ will be playable except for one Sunday)


The Cost

This is a project where we pay as we go. However the total cost for the restoration will be about $450,000 for the two stages. An optional stage Three has been proposed which completes Phelps original design with the addition of an Antiphonal Division in the balcony (essentially another smaller organ playable from the console) at additional cost of $150000.



We plan on beginning disassembling the organ and removing the console right after Easter, 2020. This is the most common time to begin a major renovation according to JL Weiler and Casavant Freis, who will be doing the work at Emmanuel and at their workshops in Chicago and St Helens, Canada. There will be scaffolds set up and plastic dust barriers around the organ space. They will be carefully crating and loading the disassembled organ pieces onto trucks for shipment. We must reserve this time slot now with a signed contract and modest down payment.


The work will commence on and off site during the summer with weekly monitoring and regular updates by the organ committee. The plan is to install the refurbished console and components by Advent 2020. There will be a noticeable improvement in the sound and features of the organ with the completion of Phase One.


Phase Two will begin again after Easter 2020. Removal of the remaining pipes to be reworked off site will not affect the operation of the organs. It will not be playable during the summer of 2020 with the exception of one or two Sundays when work is being done. It will not have its full range of sound obviously.

The organ will be re-assembled again by Advent 2020 and restored to its original glory.


The optional Phase Three can happen during Phase Two if fundraising goes well, or be delayed to the following year. It would be slightly more economical if combined with one of the other phases. The work crew would not have to make a special trip back to Emmanuel and shipping costs would be combined.

Fun Facts

  • Our organ is rated in the top 10 in the Midwest and is a fine example of a near original instrument.
  • Our organ is valued at over 1.1 Million dollars.
  • When it was purchased it was considered “the best” and cost about $90000.

- The organ has 44 stops, 46 registers, 63 ranks and 3156 pipes. 

- Buying a used instrument and retrofitting it to our space would actually cost more than repairing ours. (St. Paul of the Cross in Park Ridge recently did this and the bill was $750000)

- It takes 1.7 seconds for the sound to travel from the pipes in the front to rear balcony of our church!

- after our refurbishment, we will own one of the best sounding organs in the country. This will attract many professional groups to our church.

- There are over 20000 moving parts in a pipe organ of our size.

- The maximum sound output is 130 Decibels-in the range of a jet engine!!!


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