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Altar Guild Director

Kathy Lampert

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The Altar Guild is the liturgical partner of the Priest.  As one Altar Guild manual puts it, "We are the ones chosen to prepare for the meeting of the people with God."  We care for the objects used in worship.  We handle them carefully and respectfully, because those objects have been dedicated in prayer for use in worship for the glory of God.  We also care for the sanctuary of the church.  The work of the Altar Guild is to ensure that our sanctuary reflects the holiness and the joy we all create together in our worship.

The members of the Altar Guild are part of an unbroken tradition reaching back to the faithful people who provided for Jesus during his lifetime.  Joining the Altar Guild means learning many fascinating aspects of Church tradition, including the esocteric names for all the various vessels, vestments, linens and paraments we use in worship.  Most importantly, serving on the Altar Guild is a spiritual exercise.  Caring for the Altar is a way to act out our relationship with God.  It is quiet, prayerful work.

Please consider joining and helping in this special ministry.