Pipe Organ

Antiphonal News – September 2022

A long-time parishioner has very generously offered to fund up to half of the project through a matching gift in memory of his late wife Shirley. Paul feels that our church building cultivates worship through its architectural and acoustic beauty. He poignantly notes that music can be inspiring, soothing, and faith-provoking. As a great-grandfather, Paul hopes that music could be the spark that inspires a person to kindness, generosity, spiritual clarity, or even acts of greatness in this world.

Shirley Johnston Mumford first came to Emmanuel at the age of 4 in 1938 with her grandmother, after her parents moved to La Grange from Alberta, Canada the previous year. Shirley's mother Alice Poole Johnston sang in the choir in Canada, and one of our stained-glass choir windows is dedicated to Alice's memory. Both music and Emmanuel were important parts of Shirley's life from an early age, and she passed that along to her children.

It is thus our absolute honor to help Paul memorialize Shirley through this final phase of the Pipe Organ Project. Paul hopes, as do I, that this campaign will bring the parish together, united toward a common cause.

If you’d like to be a part of this exciting and historical adventure, please contribute to the completion of Stage 3 of our Pipe Organ Project. Here’s how:

  • Payments can be made out to: FOC 3062
    Send to 203 S. Kensington, LaGrange IL 60525, Attn: Judy Staiano.
  • Click either the “Pipe Organ” or “Donate” or the images on this page
  • Contact Judy Staiano, Church Administrator, 708-352-1275
  • See updates of our progress on FaceBook – Follow “Friends of Casavant 3062

We anticipate that the total cost of the project will be between $240,000 and $250,000, depending on the electrical and cabling work required. Paul will match every dollar we raise up to 50% of the cost. The Pipe Organ Project committee has already received commitments for $55,000 - or nearly half of our half.

Based on the great work by the committee, and after many months of discernment and lengthy conversations, the Vestry voted last week to sign the contract and move forward with the project. You will no doubt be hearing more about how you can support this important work, but we wanted to share the good news as quickly as possible.


Proposed Antiphonal sketch by Casavant Freres (image above) and a perspective image of the finished project (left)


Click on either images to donate towards this final phase of our Pipe Organ Project. Thank you